Blueberry Barrens & Harbor Seals: Island Readers & Writers Sends Ellen On An Author Tour in Northern Maine

I just returned from a wonderful visit to schools waaaay up in northern, Maine. Organized by the dynamic literacy organization Island Readers & Writers. I presented to a few of the very small schools (some with only 30 or so students in the entire Pre-K-8th grade) and got a taste of life in the more remote parts of this beautiful state. On the drive up, the view was blueberry barrens and pine trees and harbor seals playing by the shore. And that's about it, but what more does one need?? 

One very special moment . . . at one school, I was reading my book Piper Green & The Fairy Tree to the youngest students, and when I came to the part where Piper finds kittens in the Fairy Tree, a teacher brought in a tiny kitten that she had just rescued.    

Read-a-Loud + Kitten=Best Author Visit Ever.